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234 Crisswell Rd. Butler, PA 16002  

phone (724) 283-6236

Easter, Thanksgiving, Dec. 25th & 26th, Jan.1st

Hours of Operation:

January - December

Thurs. - Sat.

11am - 6pm
Sun.12 noon - 5pm



Holiday Hours

Dec. 24th11am - 3pm
Dec. 31st11am - 5pm



"Wine made with Character "

Due to current circumstances, we are sold out of stock on bottled wines.We are  working on getting stocked back up to normal we will re-open on Fri. March 12th 2021

We are pleased to announce that we are back open for business

Please wear a face mask 

We will be operating at our normal store hours.

As per Government guidelines we will be practicing social distancing, no more than

3 people in the store at one time.

Rustic Acres was founded first and foremost on a celebration. The celebration was that of friendship and gathering. Dating back to the days of old, wine was considered the nectar of the Gods. Today, that nectar still flows out the doors of Rustic Acres. When we come together to celebrate, the love of wine is still shared amongst friends and family. We love what we do and we take pride in our products. The most important thing to us is "YOU". We understand the diversity in taste and not everyone shares the same palate. That is why we offer an extensive range of wines. Whether you prefer a dry red, a sweet white or maybe just like to sip on a fruit wine with a slice of cheesecake, we have a wine for you.  

Gary Matson - Chief Vintner 

Temporarily out of stock

Check out our 3 pack gift box of wines.

They come pre-packaged with 3 different wines, in a 375 ml size (no substitutions).

They make great gifts for when you're just not sure which wine to get someone.

They come in dry, sweet, fruits, whites, reds and specialty packs.

Visit us for free tastings at 234 Crisswell Rd, Butler, PA or
Visit our online Wine list for a complete list.

Creating fine wines since 2004

Rustic Acres


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