Fruit Wines Out of stock Dryness/Sweetness Description Price
Black Currant​X
3 $11.99
Black RaspberryX
 Elderberry Delight​X
3.5 $12.99
 Bubs Blackberry​X3.5 $11.99
4 $11.99
4 $12.99


4 $10.99
 Spiced Apple​X
4 $11.99
4 New & Improved flavor   $11.99


4 $11.99
4 $11.99
 Red Raspberry
4 $11.99
5 $11.99

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White wines

Out of stock



0 Dry medium bodied buttery with pineapple and citrus overtones. $14.99
Pinot GrigioX

Light and crisp with a hint of grapefruit. 


Sauvignon  Blanc 


Medium body. Light citrus and herbal overtones.


0Light dry with a light citrusy finish.$11.99
Druids MagicX
0Chardonnay with a peach /apricot finish.$13.99
 Gewurztraminer ​X
1Full bodied, slightly spicy.$14.99
1.5Many layers of citrus and dried fruits.$10.49
Diamond2Great compliment to spicy foods.$11.99
RieslingX​2Fruity, semi-sweet with a hint of honey.$11.99
Stone House White
2A sweeter alternative to Chardonnay.$11.99
3Light, Edelweiss grape.$11.99
Aurora​X3* NEW *     Mellow, Crispy, Light flavor.$11.49
Autumn Gold

3Smooth, clean Deleware grape.$11.99
Niagara​X4A grapey sweet white with a light hint of lemon and floral.$10.99
 Blush Wines Out of stock Dryness/Sweetness Description Price
 Pink Catawba​X
3 Sweet and Fruity. $10.99
3 Similar to Zinfandel. $10.99

Gary Matson - Chief Vintner 

Red WinesOut of stock



 Cabernet Sauvignon

0A dry red; light bodied full flavor.$13.99
0Smooth and approachable with a lightly spiced finish.$14.99
0 Dry red wine. Smooth in front followed by a peppery oak finish.$14.99
Celtic FireX
0A berry dry red-ruby Cabernet grape.$13.99
Thorn Creek Red​X
1Semi-dry with layers of fruit.$11.99
Fox Red
1Has a black raspberry nose.$13.99
2Fruity and flavorful.$11.99
De Chaunac
3French hybrid raspberry overtone.$11.99
Fland's Magic​X
3New & Improved. Chambourcin grapes sweetened.$12.99
Fredonia4Fredonia grapes.$10.99
4Concord grapes - grapiest flavor!$10.99

Creating fine wines since 2004

Blend WinesOut of stockDryness/ SweetnessDescriptionPrice
 Lighthouse Reflections​X1New & Improved$12.99
Lord Hailsham
Red/white mix; very grapey.
Old World recipe.$11.99
General ButlerX2Sweet red/Dry white.$11.99
Rustic Red​X
3A fruiter Zinfandel style wine.$11.99
Sunset Red​X
4Red Blend/blackberry/black currant.$11.99

"Wine made with Character "

 Specialty Wines Out of stock Dryness/Sweetness Description Prices
 Sweet Surprise​X
5 Chocolately $14.99
 Moonlight Breeze
5.5 A one of a kind taste you will only find here   $13.99
 Summer Mist​X
3A light sweet taste.  $13.99
 Lily's RedX
3Red wine $15.99
 Capt'n JohnsX
3 White wine $15.99
Winters Iced Red​X
7Faux red ice wine $25.99
 Winters Iced WhiteX
7Faux white ice wine $25.99
Holiday Spice* Seasonal *Wintery blend of spices $13.99
 Alemande X4A nice light Almond flavor $12.99
3Rhubarb at its best


Caramel Apple


4*NEW* Seasonal$12.99

Rustic Acres


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*******STORING WINE*******


Because wide temperature swings will ruin a wine faster than you can pop a cork, it is best to store any wine that you do not intend to drink within a week or two in a temperature-controlled environment. Even if you don't have a cellar, there are ways to do that.


Here are a few facts about wine storage:

* Wine should be kept free from wide temperature swings.

* Wine should not be exposed to extreme heat. It is the bane of many winemakers to see their newly purchased wine being hurled into the backseat of someone's convertible, knowing that it's occupants will likely be tooling around under the summer sun for several hours.

* Wine should always be stored on it's side. When wine stands upright for a long time, there is no contact between the wine and the cork, significantly increasing the likelihood of the cork drying out and cracking, allowing air to get into the wine. Oxidized wine is compromised at best and usually undrinkable.

*The ideal temperature for wine is between 55 degrees and 65 degrees F. Some may quibble with higher temperature in this range, but some wine purveyors believe a slightly higher temperature is a better way to coax a wine along. If wine is kept too cool, they say, it will stay stagnant, or progress at a much slower rate. This matter is surely up for debate, but the point is that wine definitely likes relatively cool, constant temperatures.

* Do not store wine in the refrigerator for more than about a week. Just as extreme heat is a wine's enemy, so too is extreme cold. Unless your refrigerator is less than 50 degrees F. you will compromise the flavors in the wine. Also, when wine is in the refrigerator, it is subject to constant vibration. That type of movement is not good for wine.

* Place wine in the refrigerator about one hour before serving and sparkling wine three to for hours before serving. The thickness of the bottles used for sparkling wine is thicker and makes a longer cooling time.

* Chill a bottle quickly, fill a container, such as an ice bucket or pitcher, with ice and water and immerse the bottle for ten to fifteen minutes. Do not place wine in the freezer.


So how do you achieve optimum storage conditions? First, many people are able to create makeshift cellars by squaring off a small area of the basement and installing shelves or ready made wine racks. This will work fine, as long as the area retains a constant temperature that is below 65degreeF. does not get sunlight, and is not next to your water heater, air conditioner, or the like.


If you do not have the luxury of space, there are many small wine refrigerators on the market these days. These are helpful because they control the temperature for you. Or you may simply buy only as much wine as you have appropriate space to store it in. It will do no good to buy a really terrific bottle of wine if you cannot keep it properly. By the time you go to drink it, you have run the risk that it has already gone bad, or at least been diminished in quality.

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